Mbappe smashes 5 goals against Pays de Cassel in French Championship

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Mbappe smashes 5 goals against Pays de Cassel for PSG in a 7-0 victory in the French Championship


The French Championship is like the Argentine Championship. Because of the sporting aspect –teams from various categories face each other– and because of the colourful stories, it delivers. Pays de Cassel 0 vs. Paris Saint-Germain 7, a round of 16, was one of them on Monday.

Lionel Messi was rested for this match, the coach Christophe Galtier arranged for Rosario to rest. It was enjoyed by Kylian Mbappé, who set two records with a quintet of goals. And it is not clear if they enjoyed or suffered, or both, the unknown Alexis Zmijak and Clément Boudjema. Who are they? A defender and a midfielder from Pays de Cassel, who participates in the sixth category of French football.

If they suffered, it is clear why. And if they had any room for satisfaction, it was because they are supporters of PSG. More than supporters: ultras. One of the most fanatical, of those who make up the barra brava: Collectif Ultras Paris, the group that encourages and sometimes threatens from the Auteuil grandstand in the Parc des Princes.

“If Mbappé goes to the goal, do I lower it or not? Should I tell myself “wait for him; he will soon have to play against Bayern for the Champions League”? Zmijak, who is not just any footballer, but rather the captain, asked himself before the match. Central defender, for more information. Boy, did he have a bad time on the pitch: the number 7 I live for every week from the stands scored 5 goals.

Beyond the relative sporting value for those who aspire to be considered the best soccer player on the planet, the modest Pays de Cassel quintet serves Kiki to gain statistics. As official goals, they count and allowed him to establish two records: the first player to score five goals in a PSG game for points in the 52-year history of the club from the capital, and the top scorer of all time for the French Championship, a trophy that has been disputed since 1918.

The 24-year-old Mbappé has accumulated 29 goals in 25 games, including those he faced at the time with the Monaco shirt. Thus he surpassed a former member of PSG, the Portuguese Pauleta, who got 28 for the Parisian team and Bordeaux.

The other goals were from Neymar and the Spaniard Carlos Soler, who solved with a cue in the six-yard box at a time when Pays de Cassel was defensively disbanded, a team that nevertheless had a decent performance against a strong candidate to be crowned the best in Europe. and of the world.

“It's a strange feeling to be fighting on the pitch with the players I watch from the stands and cheer for. I couldn't have imagined it. We lost our minds when the tournament draw was set up," Zmijak commented before the win. Now he has to go back to the steps and scream for his team. Not the one who considers him a footballer, but the one who considers him a supporter: PSG's next opponent is Olympique, from Marseille.

The major classic of France will be part of the round of 16 rounds for the Championship, which the southern team has not won since 1989, and which the one from the 16th district of Ciudad Luz has lifted in six of the last eight seasons.

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