Rohit Sharma- A True Leader in making

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Rohit Sharma – A new leader in the Indian dressing room

The boy who tweeted “I’ll answer with my bat” after not being a part of 2011 World Series will be leading the Indian team in the 2023 World Series. What a fairytale journey this has been for Rohit Sharma as the Indian board has officially given him the captaincy baton for white ball cricket. Virat Kohli, who has been brilliant as a captain and as a player was removed from the role after the 33-year-old failed to win any International tournament for the country.

Before coming to Rohit, it’s important to highlight how the entire process took place. After resigning as the t20 captain of India, Virat Kohli clearly mentioned that he wants to lead India in the 2023 World Series. He however will not get the opportunity after several reports claimed that the test captain doesn’t have the support of many senior and young cricketers. Rohit has that. Thus, when the selection committee made the decision, Rohit was the obvious choice for the captaincy role as the five times Indian T20 League winning captain has a lot of experience in the field.

With all these that are going on, every fan will now definitely question the selection committee. Many believe that they have taken the right decision but the way it was announced is very unprofessional. Virat was sacked from his position and thus the Indian cricket fraternity needs some clarity regarding this. Why and when this decision was taken and what is the future plan and whether or not both these players are okay or not.

Every fan at least once in their lifetime has heard that there’s a rift between Virat Kohli and Rohit. However, whenever these two take the field, the camaraderie between them makes everyone realise that it’s just the media who is playing with the fans. Now, some serious questions will be asked. Again, Virat didn’t want to quit and the board handed it over to Rohit. Now, if there’s actually some kind of rift, will Rohit get dropped from the test team if he fails to perform in a couple of matches? Also, what will be Virat Kohli’s role in the dressing room? He’s an alpha and so is Rohit, hopefully both can exist well and deliver time and time again for India.

It will be interesting to see how Sourav Ganguly, the board president handles the situation. He himself was removed from the captaincy and the Dada of Indian cricket had to play under Rahul Dravid when he made his comeback 10 months later. At that point of time, the board backed Ganguly and now all Virat received is an email from the selection committee. The future looks a bit grey at the moment and only Ganguly can fix this as the legend himself has gone through something quite like this and he knows what it feels like. Until now, the president has kept his mouth shut and so did Kohli but if the issue is not solved soon, the problem will only increase.


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