The 6IXTY at a glance

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All you need to know about the new format of the ‘6IXTY’


The cricket fraternity will be witnessing the shortest format of cricket so far after the T20 cricket and The Hundred. The brand new ‘6IXTY’ as the name suggests is a 60-ball format and 60 balls will be bowled per innings. The tournament will take place from 24/25 to 28 August at the Warner Park stadium in St. Kitts. A total of 6 teams will participate in this tournament. It’s another amazing modification to the format after Test cricket, as even in the 20th century, there was no specific time limit for a test match and it used to continue until a team emerged victorious.

In 1971, the first ever ODI match was played and in 2005, Australia and New Zealand played the inaugural match of the T20I format of the game. The Hundred wasn’t introduced until the year 2016 when England and Wales Cricket Council introduced the first 100-ball cricket format which will be played as a franchise cricket tournament just similar to the Indian T20 League played in India except with a slight change that it will be played in the format of 100 balls per innings. The Hundred is still not part of international cricket and the stage is all set for the new 6IXTY. 

So, now having known about the evolution of cricket formats, let us have a sneak peek into the rules and regulations of the 6IXTY: 

As we can derive from the name, 6IXTY is a 60-ball per innings format match. The batting teams will get two powerplays. Another powerplay can be unlocked by hitting two sixes in the first two overs and can be used between 3rd to 9th over. Also, a new concept has been introduced in the tournament named ‘Mystery Free Hit’. It means that during this period, a batsman would not be proclaimed ‘Out’. The fans will get the privilege to select the timing of the Mystery Free Hit via a voting system. 

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