Things to look out while assigning a fantasy cricket team captain

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How to choose a Captain for your Fantasy Cricket Team?

Fantasy Cricket is a game of skill and strategy. The process of winnings starts at choosing the right team in the first place. In fantasy cricket you have the advantage of choosing the best team out of the two competing teams. The captain of the team, unlike the other players, gets double points (2x) and the vice captain gets 1.5x points respectively. 

A captain is the most important aspect of a team. A good captain can take a team to the pinnacle of success. It’s just like if the leader is not capable, then whatever the team plays doesn't matter, the team may not reach its potential. Fantasy cricket Leagues allows the leader to gain extra double points to signify his importance in a team as a captain. Now, If you as a player want to win some real cash rewards, they do follow the notes which will definitely help you to achieve your goal of winning in fantasy cricket matches. 


Strong Team vs Weak Team

In this case when a strong team is facing a comparatively weaker team. Always choose a top order batsman or a  wicket taking bowler. This is because an in-form top order batsman will play through most of the innings scoring ample runs. On the other hand a consistent wicket taking bowler will take quick wickets from the weaker teams increasing your points as a captain and indeed helping you to win. Don't go for the middle order batsman as they might not get enough overs to showcase their talent.


Between Two Strong Teams

When the duel is between two strong teams then you need to look for the most consistent all-rounder between the two teams. The player should be capable of scoring some quick runs along with using his bowling skills to bowl a full quota of overs. In case you are running out of credit points, then keep in mind to take an in-form middle order batsman who is capable of batting in any order along with scoring some quick runs. Also if he gets to bowl some overs and pick wickets, then it’s a bonus for you as well.


Don't take any Biassed Decision as a Fan

As a  cricket fan everyone has a special place in their hearts for some crickets they like the most. But while choosing a captain, let's be honest you need to focus on the previous performances, as everyone plays a significantly important role in the fantasy team. Your aim is to win money and not to satisfy yourself by making a team with players of your choice irrespective of their performance. So be very selective and analyse player performances before making a team and choosing your captain.


Take Risky Decisions at Times

When there is a change in the team’s playing XI and a new player enters the lobby. You may sometimers take the risk of choosing such players in your fantasy team. Also if you have the gut feeling that the player will get to perform well then you may choose him as your captain. These results may sometimes turp up to be correct and inthatv case as it is a rear decision, you may end up being the winner, praised with loads of real cash and other exciting prizes.


Always Study Player Performances and Track the Marquee Players

Before making a decision for your fantasy team’ captain, one should always keep a track on the real-time player’s performance. The analysis will help you in choosing the best of best as your captain. Also the marquee players play an important aspect in turning the match towards their team. So it's important to always follow them, their performances and choose accordingly. As these are the key players, they become ideal for the choice of a captain.


Look for Multi-Dimensional Players

Multi-dimensional players doesn't always mean all rounders. Players who are capable of batting at any role may it be opener, first down, second down or the finisher are also multi-dimensional players who are capable of getting a good hit in a match. Also their fielding skills, bowling skills should be at a flexible point where he can play at any role regardless of his choice and whenever his team needs him.

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