Will Ronaldo quit his national side soon?

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Will Ronaldo quit his national side soon?


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who is shown as among the best football players in the world, upset his fans with what he experienced this year. Finally, the search started for Ronaldo, who was eliminated from the World Cup, for the clubless Ronaldo.

37-year-old star football player Ronaldo has fallen far behind his previous performance this year. Having problems with his team, Ronaldo remained a substitute at Man United. Later, Ronaldo's contract was terminated, he said that the club and coach Erik ten Haag did not respect him and made harsh statements.

He was left without a club, and Ronaldo struggled with Portugal to win the World Cup, one of his biggest dreams. However, Ronaldo, who also remained in the national team, said goodbye to his World Cup dreams with Portugal's elimination to Morocco in the quarterfinal. 

After these events, the question of whether Cristiano Ronaldo quit football was on the agenda. In a statement before the World Cup, Ronaldo announced that he would quit football if his side won the trophy. In the same interview, he also said that he could play football until he was 40 years old. There is no news yet about Ronaldo quitting football. Ronaldo had a very rough WC in Qatar he only scored a single goal in 5 appearances which also came from the penalty spot against Ghana in Portugal's WC opening match.


Ronaldo's recent Instagram post: 


He wrote, Winning a World Cup for Portugal was my career's biggest and most ambitious dream. Fortunately, I won many titles of international dimension, including for Portugal, but putting the name of our country on the highest level in the world was my biggest dream.

I fought for it. I fought hard for this dream. In the 5 presences, I scored in World Cups over 16 years, always alongside great players and supported by millions of Portuguese people, I gave my all. I left everything on the field. I never turned my face to the fight and I never gave up on that dream.

Unfortunately, yesterday the dream ended. It is not worth reacting hot. I just want everyone to know that much has been said, written, and speculated, but my dedication to Portugal has not changed for an instant. I was always one more person fighting for everyone's goal and I would never turn my back on my teammates and my country.

For now, there's not much more to say. Thank you, Portugal. Thank you, Qatar. The dream was beautiful while it lasted... Now, it's time to be a good advisor and allow each one to draw their conclusions.

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