Why English Premier League the best in the world?

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 Why English Premier League the best in the world?

English Premier League is often asserted as the best league in the world. It arguably consists of one of the most prolific sets of players in the world. Apart from producing world-class talent, the league is also recognized for its massive popularity. The immense TV coverage could be one of the possible reasons behind its soaring admiration and acceptance among the masses. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are probably two of the biggest names of this generation and both of them are not a part of the EPL. This implies that great players cannot always single-handedly dictate the state of a particular league. Then what could be the possible reasons behind EPL’s grand success? What sets it apart from SERIE A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and other significant leagues in the world?

Here a few rationales as to why it is considered the finest

  1. The unpredictable nature: Football matches in this league are deemed exhilarating because of the uncertainty it holds. Every game happens to produce an element of surprise which sometimes leads to unexpected outcomes, resulting in greater engagement. In 2013 Leicester City beat all odds to win the league against some of the elite clubs in England. You can only find this in the English Premier League. Here, a small club like Leicester has the prowess to win the title. That speaks volumes for the hype around this league.
  2. Quality players: There is no argument around the fact that EPL has a great variety of players. It nurtures talent from all around the world and allows them to complete at one of the highest levels of the game. Cristiano Ronaldo, Alan Shearer, and Steven Gerrard are a few examples of quality players this game has produced and is ever since consistent in doing so    
  3. Tournament Internationals: The class of players competing in this league can be determined by the percentage of players representing their nation in international tournaments. The English Premier League is miles ahead of other leagues in this category. Be it the Euros or the all-important world cup tournament; EPL has firmly established its position at the top.
  4. Wide Coverage: One of the chief reasons behind EPL’s rapidly increasing demand is its massive T.V. coverage. In 1965 BBC became the first channel in England to broadcast a football match which was watched by a handful of viewers. Fast forward to this year and EPL is now watched by over 600 million viewers from various parts of the world.  
  5. The History: The rich history of England Premier League evokes the image of conventional football. The sport was invented in England and then was globally exported. Numerous ‘firsts’ have been attained in the English game and the EPL is carrying forward the traditions of the past.
  6. Style of Play: EPL is known for extremes of style from different clubs. Every club in England is associated with a particular style of play. Traditionally the great Manchester clubs have been famous for their attacking play; Chelsea is known for their organization and counter-attacking styles. Similarly, all the clubs in EPL have a specific style in the way they approach their game which can often change based on the opposition’s tactics.

      Now, we all know why EPL is such a massive hit.   



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